Junk Removal Service

​✓ Mattress Pickup

✓ Large Item Pickup

✓ Concrete Removal

✓ Couch Pickup And Disposal

✓ Garbage Dump Service

✓ Appliance Removal

✓ Construction Junk Removal

✓ Scrap Metal Pickup

✓ Carpet Removal

✓ Piano Removal

✓ Tile Recycling

✓ Wood Recycling 

✓ Electronic Recycling Service

✓ Cleanup For Hoarders

✓ Yard Waste Recycling

✓ Tree Removal Services

✓ Drywall Recycling Truck

WHat we do

Its all about the experience!

When you call Mr. Junk Removal we want you to experience the full benefits of using our services, we show up on time with two workers ready to pick up and dispose any items you ask of them. Just tell them where and leave the rest up to us!

Eco Friendly & Environment 

As a disposal company we take responsibility in ensuring that all of the items we pickup make their way to what we call their greenest destination. This means, the majority of the items we pickup will be recycled, given away or donated to insure we keep our environmental impact as low as possible.

We keep it Green for our Vancouverites by Recycling and Donating, doing this will ensure a great future for our beautiful city of British Columbia.

We recycle & Donate up too 60-80% of items we take Our two-man plus truck teams do all the heavy lifting, sorting, and loading required to get your junk out of your home or business space hassle free guaranteed.

Our motto and commitment is simple we try to insure everyday when removing items that are thrown away from our customers, they now can rest assure that everything is going to the right places and not ending up in our oceans & wild life habitats we want to keep our city green for all generations to come!

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  • Vancouver Lower mainland, BC




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