At Mr. Junk Removal we don't want to be labeled as an outfit which capitalizes on people who lack the time, ability and resources to take care of their junk themselves. If you need junk removal and you have a disability, we can help lighten the load. We will send two friendly junk removers to your home with a truck at a reduced cost.

Although there are many other outfits in the region offering the same services, we want to separate ourselves from the pack by offering a reasonable discount and service to those who may require it.

Specials & Promotions

Senior Citizen and Disability Discount

Some people deserve a break and Mr. Junk Removal is willing to give it to them. That is why Mr. Junk Removal will provide a 10% discount to persons above the age of 60, or to those with physical disabilities. 

Students Get Discounts Too!

We cannot forget about our students, we all know student fees can be very challenging to keep up with here in Vancouver at Mr. Junk Removal it doesn't have to be. We are now offering the that same great 10% off discount to students!