Top 10 free ways to save money on junk removal in Metro Vancouver

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Keeping our homes free of clutter is the ultimate peace of mind goal we all strive to achieve. In a world which continues to grow and move faster everyday, the clutter in our households may accumulate rapidly before you know it. It's easy to get discouraged and make excuses, and one of those excuses may be the cost involved in removing your items, or finding the correct facility for their relocation. This article offers a list of environmentally friendly ways to recycle your used items at little to no cost. If you are thinking of hiring a Junk Removal Company like us, first try exploring these methods before giving us a call to help reduce the cost of your pickup.

1. Recycle your electronics, light bulbs and paint at a bottle depot nearby for free
Bringing your electronics, used paint, light bulbs and batteries to a Return-It bottle depot is a convenient way to reduce the size of your load, making it a very effective way to offset costs. The bottle depots even take large TVs and small appliances for free, which will save you a big chunk of cash. Return-It bottle depots are operated by Encorp Pacific (Canada) which is a federally incorporated, not-for-profit, product stewardship corporation with beverage container management as our core business. source:

2. Take your items to a charity
Metro-Vancouver has a wide array of charities to take advantage of, if you have a vehicle and the time to downsize your load. Research your area for a list of thrift stores which make charitable contributions to the community by utilizing profits made by the junk you donate to them. Larger chains such as Value Village, Habitat for Humanity, and The Salvation army will take all kinds of items such as clothing, toys, books, dvds, household items and tools. Please be aware that these facilities may be reluctant to take large furniture items without notice. Try calling them days ahead of time to inquire about there acceptance of specific furniture.

3. Put your items on a classified listing and offer them for free
At the current date Metro-Vancouver's most popular classified websites are Craigslist and Letgo. Both of these applications allow you to post your unwanted furniture/items for free. Just take a photo of the items you want gone and a brief description, and give it some time to see if anyone will take the bite.

4. Leave your items on the front lawn with a free sign
A more old school approach to discarding your items, is bringing them out to the front of your home displayed by a handwritten free sign. In just a few hours you may be surprised to notice that your items have vanished without a trace because after all, another man's junk is another man's treasure. Please exercise this idea with caution because many Strata's and Municipalities have rules regarding curbside item abandonment and you may be subject to fines if you do not treat the manner carefully and respectively.

5. Recycle your metal for cash
There are many businesses out there who will actually pay you cash for your metal. If you have a pickup truck or a small trailer, you have a big advantage. Search your area online or in the yellow pages for businesses like allied salvage, Schitzner Steel Industries, and ABC Recycling. Don't be too worried if items like your bed frames and exercise equipment are contaminated with wood, plastic and other materials because these facilities will adjust their payment accordingly. Also, keeping a magnet in your possession to separate non ferrous metals with base metals can make for a better return because non-magnetic metals such as copper, aluminum, zinc, stainless steel and even lead-acid car batteries can be taken to a smaller scale at these facilities and be paid out at a higher rate.

6. Discover the value in your items
Items such as used cellphones, bar stools, paintings, night stands and any small furniture items that are easy to move with a car and are useful to college students can be liquidated on classified websites very quickly compared to larger items which take more commitment to pick up. Try websites like craigslist and letgo to find a buyer for these items.

7. Repurpose your old furniture
Instead of junking your furniture why not re-purpose it instead? offers a large community feed devoted to re-purposing old furniture/household items. If you have some basic handyman/creativity skills, you will be amazed and entertained by the endless possibilities the online re-purposing community has to offer. Many people have discovered a hobby out of transforming aged furniture to beautiful, rustic pieces of art in their homes. Take a look at for some inspiration and ideas.

8. Recycle used car tires for free
Tire Stewarship BC (TSBC) is the not-for-profit society responsible for the collection, processing and environmentally sound management of all scrap tires designated under the B.C. Recycling Regulation. If you live in British Columbia, most large mechanic/tire installation chains in your area should be registered with this program which means that they will be willing to collect up to 4 car tires from you free of charge. Take note however, that you may be subject to additional charges if the tires are attached to a metal rim. Learn more at:

9. Have your clothing/furniture picked up by charity for free
If you are limited to public transit or by a disability, Big Brothers of Great Vancouver offers a program which allows you to schedule a free pickup for good condition furniture and clothing. Be prepared to schedule 2-3 months in advanced during peak seasons however, because this charity has a hard time keeping up it's high influx of requests. Learn more at:

10. Take advantage of clothing donation bins in your area

If you live in the city and take a short drive around your area it wont take long before you spot a large clothing donation bin. Most of these bins are offered courtesy of Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver and allow you to conveniently drop-off your bagged clothing for free. Please be considerate to the workers at BBGV, by neatly packing your clothing in rip resistant and tied bags. If you find the bin to be full, please take the initiative by calling the BBGV to let them know and ask for assistance in finding another bin nearby. Alternatively you can find a convenient map of the bins on their website at:

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