It's not just about picking up trash

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Blog by  Mr. Junk Removal

There's so much more to running this business than people realize. The people we meet, the things we see and the places we get to explore. Not all jobs we do are created equal and whether big or small they all present unique set of challenges everyday. What keeps us motivated is seeking the satisfaction in our customers after we have literally taken a load off their minds. The relief on their face is a priceless action which never gets old, a look that only those in the service industry can learn to appreciate.

Caring is number one in service but proving it is challenge we must face everyday because our results are not as obvious as a builder, a hairstylist, or a mechanic. For us, it's not about what you see when the work is completed, it is about what you don't see. Things as simple as sweeping up our completed work areas on site, picking up litter nearby that may not have been caused by us, and in one case making a simple repair on a broken desk for customer instead of junking it at their request (true story).

We've built an understanding that some of our customers have inherited an anxiety in their mind surrounding our industry. Many customers I've met personally have shared stories of being tricked, stood up, ripped off, or even have had to bear the burden of a very uncomfortable experience with the work ethic and attitude presented by other companies. This is after all, a garbage hauling industry and with so many new companies everyday on top of low entry costs, getting caught up in somebody else's trash is a re occurrence we must naturally tolerate, literally.

So what does it take for us to stand out I ask myself everyday. This industry constantly evolves with technology, regulations and culture. I find myself spending more time innovating now more than ever and not just because people don't like to see there things being thrown in the trash but because the alternative exists, and it's our job to take advantage of these alternatives.

Since our company started in 2015 we have donated hundreds of books, clothes, electronics, household goods, construction material, tools and as much furniture that the local charities could possibly handle. The effort we take to do this is not so easily appreciated by the majority of our customer base but isn't necessary because we know that it is the right thing to do. This is a standard we try hard to replicated in our company, now more than ever as we add new members to our team. The faith I hold is that every person has a feeling in their heart that makes doing the right thing easier, even if the steps required are harder than the alternative.