We are a local garbage disposal, junk haulers locally owned and operated family junk removal business, professional and affordable junk removal service in the Metro Vancouver regions whilst maintaining an optional level of Eco-friendliness.

Making life easier - with one click or phone call away!

June 29, 2018

Book online or call 1-844-675-8657(MR-JUNKS)

We offer same day service and our friendly staff members will call you 15-30 mins before scheduled arrival time. 

We provide a full service experience, show us the mess and let us take care of the rest! 
Mr. Junk Removal is the best choice when getting rid of your unwanted junk easy and hassle free guaranteed! 

We price out our service based on the volume of our trucks.

(Example: Depending on how much your garbage fills our truck.)

What could happen! Fire hazard 101!

March 16, 2018

We were cleaning up an apartment in Burnaby recently where the owner had accumulated quiet the amount of junk. When we were cleaning out her bedroom, we found wrapping paper stuffed behind a dresser. The wrapping paper was so close to the heater it could have caused a big fire. Luckily she called Mr. Junk Removal to get rid of the clutter in her place in time!

Calling all strata buildings!

February 23, 2018

Routine Junk Pickups for Strata Corporations

We have devoted our company to finding solutions for strata and property management companies who require a routine de-cluttering on a weekly, monthly and even yearly basis. All of our workers our WCB insured and our business is both licenced and insured.


Our team will insure keeping condominium & high rise home owners happy while preforming scheduled clean ups in the building.


If you have anymore questions regarding how our service works please feel free to give us a call, our friendly staff members will be happy to assist you!

1-844-675-8657 (MR-JUNKS)

Bigger Jobs, bigger solutions.

February 09, 2018

Bigger Jobs, bigger solutions.

The 4 man crew.

One of our valued customer's Tarek Yassin of Apollon Projects required our services today for his newly constructed 8,500 square feet home.

By having two large trucks we were able to recycle 90% of the material (wood) and clean the inside and outside of the space so that his workers could continue to project without further inconvenience.

Thank you Tarek for choosing Mr. Junk Removal inc!

Full Service Junk Haulers Open For Business!

February 01, 2018

Our mission is to help both families and businesses throughout Vancouver, British Columbia keep their homes clean and free of unnecessary clutter while operating under an efficient recycling system which helps reduce up to 70% of garbage from going to the landfills.


Our priority and goal is to insure that every customer gets treated with respect and loyalty from us and our staff, getting the full and easy effortless junk removal full service.


We are open for service & we want all your junk!

3 brothers, 1 mission.

January 25, 2018

3 brothers, 1 mission Under three years ago we made a commitment to build a business which we hoped would not only create jobs in the community, but also revolutionize the way businesses and contractors deal with the waste that gets accumulated during projects without them having to utilize their own costly resources.

Instead, they could devote those resources towards the work that mattered more than just some garbage, so that they could move on to more projects. Then things got personal, We quickly realized that not only was there a market for us within these businesses, but also for residential communities as well. It struck us at home, because we grew up in a small home packed with a family of 9 children and 17 years ago our father was struck by an SUV. He then spent two years in recovery, out of work; which gave my mother no choice but to survive us all on credit cards and potatoes, literally. With our minds packed with grief and frustration came a home packed with clutter as well. It wasn't until my long overdue return from working in the oil industry, after falling 20 ft to my near death, that I came to seek a service like the one we provide for my families home. I found that the service was costly and inconvenient when it came to full serve, which is why my brother and I saw an opportunity. We have spent almost three years now helping not just businesses move forward, but families as well. We are proud at Mr. Junk Removal Inc. to offer families and communities a judgement free solution to dealing with their clutter.

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